Moving On: Day 47

Howdy folks!

Today has been a better day emotions wise but also life has it’s downs.

This morning was greeted by a phone call from my friend, then whilst talking to her, I cramped up massively. I went to the toilet and have and behold, a period is amongst us! Due to stress from you know who (not Voldemort but probably one of his evil followers!), her bad mouthing me and constant crap towards me has caused me a lot of stress as well as other things. All of this has made my periods go crazy. I used to be regular coming on between 4-7th of the month, hardly any period pains or suffering. I was lucky and barely suffered anything whilst on. Now, I can miss periods or be late. Most of the time, they are still monthly, I very rarely skip a month (but there have been occasions) and period pains are painful. Don’t get me wrong, although having a great period usually, I have suffered pain occasionally but lately they have been horrid. Again, I know people get worse, my sister sometimes can’t walk and things, and when I have had pains they only last a day or 2. So really, I’m only moaning because it’s not something I’m used to. It’s not unbearable, just painful. I read today not to have caffeine, so I tried that and it helped until I went McDonald’s and ordered a coke! Since then, I hurt again.

Moving on from women’s troubles, I went to meet the chef of the place I interviewed for, it didn’t go well, I knew the girl, she used to bully me in highschool and well even if I got the job, I wouldn’t accept it. I wouldn’t want to work for her, her telling me what to do.

I then went to Wolverhampton to see my friend Pikachu. It was a nice day although, we did walk around a lot and my feet ache. P is into Wicca and witchcrafty things. She’s weird, but she’s my best friend and it’s her. I find it quite interesting to talk about actually, but the whole spells things and potions and stuff, without offending people, to me it’s all rubbish, I don’t believe in it. Well, we went into this shop and I got quite bored and the aromas were going up my nose and irritating me a little (in the sense I kept feeling the need to sneeze). Then the shop owner got the 3 of us (my friends, brothers girlfriend and us 2) to stand together and close our eyes. Quite honestly, I was like “what the fuck is she going to do to us” I get slightly anxious when people tell me to close my eyes. She then started spraying this stuff, which really stunk! It was supposed to be anti anxiety spray. She had asked which one of us gets anxiety, my friend and her friend said yes, I didn’t say anything but then the shop assistant pointed to me and said “it’s obvious you do. You seem quite a nervous and anxious person”. Well yeah I am, but I really didn’t want to do anything. Well, she sprayed this spray and my friends friend believed it and said she did feel calmer. Me? My nose was even more irritated, I was hungry and needed to use the toilet. I’m not saying the spray won’t cure/help with anxiety. It might do, there are natural things out there that have proven properties to help a person relax, and they may be used in the bottle. So, please no “if you don’t believe it won’t work” because I am open to it. But all I felt was “this stuff stinks and I want food” I didn’t feel relaxed at all.

Now I am home, tired from both my period (it also always makes me tired) and tired from the long day. But it was a fun day.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I visited Pikachu
2) I had a McDonald’s
3) I window shopped in Ann Summers

Today’s score: 3/5


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