Moving On: Day 44

Today has been a nice , relaxing day. I took what my doctor said on Friday and did nice things throughout the day instead of using nice things/treats only if I’m feeling crap. And tomorrow, I am going to relook/redo my Daily Maintenance Plan and see what things I can do daily to make me feel good.

So today, I woke up really tired at about 9am and kinda lazed in bed (before deciding to do things). I then, pretty much, had a chick flick movie day. I watched The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Vow. I absolutely love Rachel Mcadams, she’s one of my favourite actress’.

My dad then called me for lunch and I sat with my family downstairs until about 3.30pm. I came back upstairs and watched Orange is the new Black,Skyped my friend and painted my nails before going back downstairs to watch The X Factor and Big Brother.

So yeah, a decent Sunday.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I had lamb for dinner
2) I painted my nails
3) I played with my dog

Today’s score: 3/5



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