Moving On: Day 35

Hello guys,

So today has been fun and so so so tiring!

I got up and went to an activity day with the peer mentoring thing I do. We did a maze cave and a rope obstacle course. I then went to my fitness class tonight.

The activity morning was amazing! Quite honestly, I’m not an outdoorsy person but this was great. We first did the rope course and that was fun but exhausting! Plus majorly tough for a midget like me to reach the ropes and things that we needed to hold on to. Then, after a brunch thing, we did caving. It wasn’t real caves just something made of wood, but called a ‘maze cave’. It’s great for little people but horrid if you hate tight spaces and the dark which apparently, I realised today, I kinda do. The best part was a slight ball pit it the maze. You slide down a little slide into balls and it’s awesome! The morning kinda killed me off!

But I went into the city after, had a McDonald’s and chilled for a couple of hours before going to my class.

My class was good, we worked really hard and I’m already aching but hey! If you enjoy the workout then why not do it?? Lol

I’m home now and completely shattered. Keep sneezing so am either getting a slight cold or the outdoors stuff has given me slight hay fever although I can’t see how that is still affecting me. I hope, because I’ve had a busy day and I am really tired, that sleep will come easy to me tonight!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I went to the activity morning
2) I worked well in the team
3) I’ve done a lot of exercise today

Today’s score: 4/5


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