Moving on: Day 29

Today has been painful and a tired day.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. My sister came home from her boyfriends and she is like me, unable to sleep at people’s houses. So when she got home, to her normal bed, she slept really well. She didn’t snore though, she purred! Honestly, I thought a cat was in my room! And I hate cats, they scare me. I don’t hate them, like I wouldn’t want harm onto them, they just terrify me. So she was making noise, I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and take a zopiclone, so I didn’t sleep. Thus, me being tired all day.

I also ache so friggin much after the workout yesterday. When you stretch and they say “you should begin to feel it there, there and there”. I’m like “no. Am I doing it wrong?” but the areas I was supposed to feel last night, I am feeling today!

My mum was at work today, and my dad went out so it was just me and my brother. Then his friend came over and they were mixing between being on the Xbox or going out playing football, so I sat and watched TV, catching up on Hollyoaks.

My mum and dad came home at around 6pm and I decided to come upstairs for a bath. But, my friend was texting me and all of a sudden, my mum comes up and has a bath. 15 mins after she gets out, I start to gather my things and my brother jumps in the shower! So I thought I would write this and as soon as he is done, I am running for the bathroom and nobody else is gonna stand a chance!

I think I may be on my own tonight as I think they may going out but I don’t know.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Hollyoaks
2) I won a lot of online pool games
3) I had a chippy

Today’s Score: 2/5

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