Moving On: Day 28

Hello WordPressers 🙂

Today has been quite busy and quite a mixed-emotion type of day.

I had my “lovely” trip to the job centre and to Shaw trust this morning. I like Shaw trust, my advisor is really nice and she will listen if I have to rant about things, which was one of those days today. I then came home and that’s when I felt a little crap.

My dad had the day off work today, he took my mum work this morning, then did some shopping so he wasn’t in when I left. When I got home, he started yelling at me: “What have you fucking been up to now?!”, “I’ve been job centre” “No, I mean with that woman. The police were here about 15 mins ago looking for you. If you’ve done anything else, you can get out”. I was just confused, at first, I didn’t believe him as he jokes about this kinda thing all the time, but he kept going on and on and I believed him. My thoughts became negative and I was thinking “I’ve done nothing wrong, what has she said this time? I’m fed up of this, when I go out later I’m not coming home” I was planning on killing myself. Then about 15 minutes later he said “I’m just kidding. I really had you then”. But if he knew what I was thinking, I’m sure he wouldn’t have found it funny.

I then came upstairs and napped, after a sleepless night last night. I only napped for like 30 mins before having to get up and ready (again) and leave. I had therapy and straight after that had arranged to meet my sister for a McDonald’s and then went to a fitness thing I do. (ironic, yes).
The class went well, I had some fun but the therapy has really confused me. I don’t feel I’m getting anywhere and he keeps ending the sessions after about 45 mins whereas before, my sessions were at least an hour. I’ve just got home, tired but doubt I will sleep again.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I had a McDonald’s
2) I went to my fitness thing
3) I walked quite a bit

Today’s Score: 2/5

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