Moving On: Day 18

Possible Trigger Warning:

Today has been a massive revelation of how stupid I’ve been lately.
Lately, I have been meeting guys off the internet. I’ve no idea why, I suppose I liked the risk. I didn’t care about myself and I just wanted to do it.
Last night I met a guy. He booked a hotel room to meet me. I hadn’t planned to do anything sexually (I’m not like that, plus it’s that time of month). I just like meeting up with random people and being treated and cared for. I met this guy, who’s much older than me and we were getting looks so he asked if I wanted to go to his room, plied with alcohol and a bit tipsy I thought nothing of it. He then asked what I was into sexually/my fantasies so I told him I like the idea of being handcuffed, blindfolded and teased. Then he told me, he was into doing that, and spanking and if I’d like to try. I said yes. We agreed 2 safe words, orange for “you need to slow down” and red for “stop”. He started spanking with his hand, I could take that, then there was a wooden brush, cane and whip. He had this planned. The wooden brush was okay, the whip, I said red he stopped, the cane, I said red but he carried on saying “I’ll just do it lighter. By this time I was sore. He then used the brush again saying “Since you got off lightly with the cane, you will have 6 hard hits with this”.
He didn’t stop at all when I asked him to. And today, I am severely bruised and can’t sit down, lying on ny back also put pressure on my him and hurts.
It’s all my fault, I met a random guy, went to his room and agreed to try it. I suppose you have to make a mistake to learn your lesson and I won’t be meeting anybody else from the internet. Lesson learned.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I stood my ground and refused to meet this guy again.
2) I went to the shop for junk food
3) I spoke to some friends

Today’s Score: 1/5

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