Moving On: Day 16

Today has been an off sort of day. Last night was very sleepless because things were going on, and today, I caught up on a lot of sleep. So, I haven’t really done much today.


I slept, I ate, and I showered. So I can’t really call it a good day. Although, it is apparently national Lazy Day, so really I was just taking part in Lazy Day.

I also found out that my dog likes Nicki Minaj. I said “I hate Nicki Minaj” and she growled at me. Wanting to see if this was just a one off, my mum and dad both tried it. The same thing happened!!! We completely blame my sister and her obsession with N.M!


Today’s 3 Positives:

1) I had fun teasin my dog over saying I hate Nicki Minaj

2) I held a neighbours tiny baby – was born premature, is now 3 months old weighing4ib 12… cutest little dot ever!

3) My dad gave me so much pork crackling on my dinner I think I had a porkgasm


Today’s Score: 2/5


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