Moving On: Day 15

Well today has been a weird day. I have still been in massive confusion over the twitter follower thing and conversations,however, after what was said today, my beliefs about something have been confirmed. That felt like a huge relief to me – I explained to my friend that it felt like I was a baloon and had been released of some air.

This morning, I met that guy off the internet and we had a little fun together. All safe I assure you. but yeah.. Won’t go into much detail there. The meeting was  only a couple hours, then I came home and was back in bed by 10:30am LOL

I then got up and had lunch, feeling sick and in pain.  Mother nature has now decided that it is just evil to meet people from the internet and do dirty things with, and now I am on my period. I only suffer cramps for the first few hours, but the way I suffer is nausea and massive hot flashes!

I then spent the day playing games and chatting to people, some friends, others from this dating site. It’s all fun. I’m not going to be meeting them all, or anyone else in that matter, I’m not that kinda person usually, but I just felt a little low when arranging the meeting I had to day, low and risky, so I met up no matter the consequences.

I am now chilling, on here with nothing to do. Fun times (y)


Today’s 3 Positives: 

1) I met a guy

2) I played some games

3) I chatted to friends

Today’s Score: 3/5


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