Moving On: Day 13

Hello guys,

Hope you are all well. The weekend will soon be here.

Well, I don’t have much news for you today – I got all the good stuff yesterday.

Today I came back home. I really didn’t want to as the last couple of days being out of Stafford had me so relaxed and my sleep improved somewhat. It was good.

The amount of traveling that I have done in the last week however, has made me feel so tired! I plan on going to sleep soon.

Tomorrow, I have my regular job centre appointment- although, I do hope that it will be my last one, or close to last one. I also have therapy with A – I must remember to take my folder which he asked for. I am also going to try and see my doctor in between as next week she is on holiday until September, and if I get this job I think I would have moved by then, so I need to see her beforehand.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I applied for some jobs
2) I had a nice bath
3) I chatted to some friends

Today’s Score: 3/4


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