Being Guilty is Scary

I saw this posted on Facebook this morning,

If you’ve done a crime, you should be punished. I committed a crime, got punished by court, and still being punished by dead-brained people. But I was terrified. Getting arrested scared the hell out of me, I was sat in a cell for hours which isn’t the best thing if you’re claustrophobic. It was horrid. Court was just the same. Each time, I had taken a blade in my purse because if I had been sentenced to being locked up, I knew I wouldn’t have coped, so I planned on killing myself each time.

I know how this guy felt. What he did was wrong, but I saw people commenting jokes which is just sick. He obviously felt guilty about what he did, if he didn’t, he would have just laughed off the sentence, done it, then come out and recommit the crime.

Court people and police don’t take into consideration, a persons mental wellbeing. They did a psychological test on me, but only to try and excuse the crime I did. There was never anything about my able to cope in court. I just had to face it.

I hope this guy is okay, and able to face his punishment.

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