Moving On: Day 6

Today has been a good day, mostly.

I did wake up feeling low again, but then once I got up I was okay. I planned on starting a diet, as this week of no parents, me and the sis have had a lot of junk food and movies. I had breakfast, then snacked on an apple, then went to have a sandwich for lunch; I took a bite, then spat it out – finding out the ham was out of date 😦 that kinda put me off eating. Then, my sister came home from work with biscuits and crisps and it went downhill.

Also today, I applied for a few jobs, my grandad visited and invited me and sis round for dinner, and I did a lot of cleaning up (which annoyingly is a mess again!!!)

We had dinner at my nans, then I went to gymnastics. Gym was good, although I have hurt my ankle, but it was quite chilled and relaxed, so was all good.

I now have a massive headache and need to go to bed… Night all xx

Todays 3 Positives:
1) I cleaned the house
2) I visited my grandparents
3) I went to gymnastics

Today’s Score: 3/5

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