Moving On: Day 5

Hello guys, today has been a bit of a crazy day – emotionally.

I woke slightly later than planned but I got up and showered and ready, then left for the police station. I was so nervous, but I went and spoke to someone so I suppose, now I just have to move on and see what happens.

I then went to town, bought a few things, then went to a cafe. I am a fussy eater, and couldn’t see anything that took my fancy. I saw Jacket Potato and Coronation Chicken. I had no idea what Coronation Chicken was, I just assumed it was chicken with a bit of seasoning, I had no idea that it was some creamy, curry sauce and raisins! It got to my table and, it looked horrid. I thought I would try it, and at first I liked it, but after about 4-5 bites, the creaminess made me feel sick and I couldn’t really finish it off. So, I had a Victoria Sponge Cake instead.

I then went to my friend’s parents house to chill before my Doctor’s Appointment (they live around the corner from my Doctor’s surgery). They really cheered me up big time! 😀 I love that family so much, they are my second family. ❤ (The W Family)

I then went to the Doctors and for once, was seen on time! The surgery that I am registered to is quite a big one and always busy. So, when I have an appointment for 3pm, I tend to take out at least 30 mins of time to wait. I am staying off antidepressants; the ones that I have been on gave me awful side effects so I asked to try not take them. On the positive side, my mood hasn't gone down, it hasn't improved but no change is better than a bad change. The only issue is I have been really emotional at TV programs and films and just cry at them, like crazy.

I have now come home and chilling. My parents and brother are on holiday and my sister is staying away at a friends tonight so I have the house to myself, all night – something I have never done before. I am quite scared so am going to watch some films and have a quiet night.

Today's 3 Positives:
1) I went to the police
2) I bought things for Coral's memorial
3) I visited the W Family

Today's Score: 2/5


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