Illness and Potter

Well, basically I am giving you a little life update, and a review about the massive, latest, Harry Potter fan craze.

Life: Lately, I keep getting dizzy spells and it isn’t exactly great. I saw my doctor about it and she said it’s an extremely low blood pressure, which (unknown to me can be caused by stress). See, with everything that is going on with C bullying me, it’s affecting my sleep, which is then affecting my appetite, causing me to be anaemic and thus having low blood pressure and being really ill and getting dizzy all the time. I don’t exactly want to eat salty food to raise it either so I have to just cope I suppose.

Harry Potter: I am a massive fan of Harry Potter, and if you are too then you’ll know the latest craze going around; the Golden Trio are back. Well, I heard, and got excited about a sequel to the H.P series thinking there was a new book about them all grown up. I was wrong, it is just a newletter article on Pottermore by ‘Rita Skeeta’. I still felt excited and went online to read it. However, I’m slightly disappointed. There’s no proper storyline, it’s just Rita taking about Dumbledores army at the quiddtch world cup and how they are still famous, and what they do as jobs nowadays. Harry is described as going grey and Ron’s red hair is thinning.

Nothing really exciting happened but it was a great little spin-off of Harry Potter and was a nice little read.

Peace out šŸ˜€

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