Looking forward to life

The last 18 months have been an emotional rollercoaster; with more downs than ups.

Jan 2013, I got arrested. In 2012, I messaged someone telling lies, saying I had been abused and came up with some horrendous stories. I did this to get someone to talk to me. She had wrote a book about the same happening to her, and I thought if we had something in common, we would become friends, and I’ll have someone to talk to. It worked but she found out. Once I started the lie, I didn’t know how to stop and it became bigger. I went to court and in May 2013, got given my punishment. I received 12 months probation, £145 fine and restraining order against c (the person I wrote to) Since then, C hasn’t let it go and has constantly tried to bring me down. At first it worked, but now I can ignore it. She’s the one with issues now, not me and quite honestly I think her head needs checking! She’s obsessed.

But, as I say, I have moved forward a long way in the last couple of months. I am now volunteering, working with disadvantaged people; people who have also probably been in trouble, are experiencing mental health problems, or just need a friend. With this, I get a qualification and can move on to training as a counsellor. I can’t wait. Experiencing mental health for myself, and getting into trouble myself, I know how tough life can be. I hope I will be good at what I’m about to start, I think I will be.

I met with my new boss, J today for a coffee (well she had tea and I had a coke but still). We chatted a bit, she wanted more info about what I did and I was very honest, it’s the least I can do and well there’s no hiding it because once my DBS (police) check comes through, she’s gonna know anyways.

I can’t wait to start, it will feel like a new beginning to a new and better life for myself.

Also, I’ve received 1000 likes on here, so thank you all for sticking by my side.

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13 thoughts on “Looking forward to life

  1. I’ve Been biting my tounge from saying something but i can’t hold back anymore . What you’ve done to the women is absolutely disqusting and you gave her months of hell so yes she should be warning people about you. Because not only did u make up horrendous lies. You played on a brave and courageous woman’s kindness. And rightly so she’s worried u may do it to others. Frankly the fact that u were able to tell such lies disquiet me. There are plenty of other ways of getting a friend. You didn’t need to go such extremes.

    • I was pretty messed up and lonely at the time, I know I was wrong and I also know I wouldn’t do it again. What she is doing now is wrong, I am moving on with my life but she won’t be happy until I am dead. She’s the one that needs to move on now, not me!

    • also, she is no bloody saint either. She messaged my friend’s mum about me, a friend I’ve had since birth and who also died in November! The last thing my friend’s mum needed at that time was some message about me just after her daughter died! And she knew my friend had died as it was on my blog. So yes I did wrong but at least I can admit it whereas she can’t admit she is wrong.

  2. you need to remove this woman’s name from your blog. what you did was sick. you need to step up and accept you are the person who caused all this bad feeling and misery. if you want to move on i suggest you remove her name imediately and stop writing about her.
    you contacted her, you made up those awful lies, you named the woman who wanted to do nothing but help you.
    you need to deal with the backlash you are getting, nobody else can.
    you pretended to be multiple people in contact with her. so dam right she contacted those people.
    she was concerned for you . for your state of well being and yet you continue to post about how it is anyone’s fault bar your own.
    take ownership jade. and do the right thing, only then can people begin to heal

    • I’ve accepted what I did was wrong. I am trying to move on and I just wish you and other people would stop messaging me. I have never denied doing anything wrong, I hate myself for what I did. But is it not as bad, her and all you that message me make me wish I was dead.
      That is her name. I don’t see why she is hiding behind another name when she can freely use mine.

      • she uses that name due to the book she wrote,re child abuse. she as a victim of crime is able to remain anon without it being splashed everywhere.
        why can’t you see you are dragging this out?

        you won’t get messages from people who want this to end if you end the writing stuff about her.

        just remove her name, like i said do the right thing.

      • No! For months, I stopped writing about her, I didn’t mention her once. Yet she continued to write about me weekly, blaming me for her being ill ect. I don’t see why she has to write about me every week. I get why she writes about ne, but every week is getting ridiculous. She’s the one with the obsession now, not me!

      • Are you kidding me??

        She has every right to write about you. your actions disgust me. you have to be seriously twisted to make up what you did.
        leave it up i am sure this can and will be dealt with through the courts.
        Good luck with your life i wont bother to comment again. it is quite clear for all you put her through your claims of sorry mean nothing at all.

      • Actually, I checked with my solicitor, I can use her name. I am merely stating the truth about who sent me to court.

        I’ve already said I understand why she writes, but theres no need to bring it up weekly, especially the same old stuff. It’s kinda getting boring!

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