It’s still so crazy that no matter how much I move on in life from C ECT, I still get anxiety.

Today is a Saturday and I have to go town and pick up a few things.
If I had to go in the week, I would go without thinking, but this is a Saturday and I know that town is going to be busy and that’s the first thing making me anxious.

The second is that in C’s attempt to destroy me, she decided to talk to people from the place I used to do cheerleading for, tell lies about me (or rather exaggerate the truth to make it sound worse), resulting in all of them hating me. They train on Saturdays and I’m scared of bumping into any of them in town too.

I’ve not had to go town on a Saturday in a long time. I did it last week, but I was with my friend Pikachu as she came home for the weekend. And even then it was just walking through town to get to the bus stop to go home. And even with P and her mum, I still had a little anxiety, just not as much because I was with people.

And since becoming anxious in public, I’ve got better, I can go town alone on weekdays where there aren’t many people. But today is a Saturday, it’s gonna be busy and I’ve gotta go alone. I’m terrified. And by writing this blog, I’ve kinda procrastinated but now there’s nothing else to write and I’m gonna have to go.

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