Life is getting exciting

Life is getting really exciting right now.

I had an interview a couple of weeks ago to become a peer mentor, working with people having a tough time, maybe been in trouble that need guidance and help.

I was really worried. I said what happened with me and C in the application and when I met the woman. She said I would be perfect for the role because I’ve made my own mistakes, gone through my own mental health issues and can relate to these people. I will be limited to working with over 16s, but it’s a first step to becoming a counsellor and working with mental health. I have to wait for a DBS check (police check) which will basically say I can’t work with kids but adults is no problem. Yesterday, we did a day of training, and today I was told I was one of the most vocal which is amazing because I’ve never been one to talk in front of a group. The training was good and today I did my safegaurding training which I got 100% in!

All is good. It’s a voluntary role, but it could lead to paid work. Hopefully my DBS comes through soon and I can get my first person.

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