Hi guys, I’m just updating you all on life. I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while, we’ve had internet problems. It came back on on Tuesday and before then, well I didn’t want to write either.

Truth is, I got scared. C seemed to be following everything I say and do on here, Twitter and Facebook. I couldn’t do anything without it being commented on. So, I changed my Facebook account under a different name, my mums maiden name, and C still found me. Someone messaged me on there and I just couldn’t do it anymore. But now, no more hiding. Why should I? I contacted C in May 2012, over 2 years ago. I still shouldn’t be suffering now. I’ve paid for my mistake. I need to begin living again.

I applied for a voluntary job, and I got it. I told the woman everything that had happened, I had to as the job requires a CRB/DBS check (police check) and after my mistake with C, I can’t work with kids. I looked it up and I can work with adults. I’ve dealt with my own rubbish, made mistakes and now I’m gonna help people. It’s working with mental health, as a peer mentor to help others going through a tough time. I’m really excited because then it will help me become a counsellor myself. A new career that I want to do.

I won’t stop living. So pull me down if you want, I will get back up. 😀

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