Marvel themed blog post

First of all, can I just congratulate myself on this picture. I bought a blue dress and red, starry belt and fashioned myself a type of Captain America outfit. I friggin love it! 😀

Secondly, I read today that Marvel Comics are killing off Wolverine! Seriously Marvel! What the fuck is that about?! I don’t think I’m gonna cope without Logan! I’m pretty sure that this is gonna give me a mental breakdown. I almost crumbled in the films when I thought Charles had died, cried for about 10 mins when Logan had to kill Jean Grey (still not over that!) and now, in the comics atleast, you are killing off one of the best characters ever! As a child, you grow up with sticks between your fingers, pretending to be Wolverine, and as an adult, I still do this! (but with the added middle finger thing that I am childish enough to do).
Wolverine is what makes Xmen, along with Mystique. I am officially crushed.

So, this is my online petition to save Wolverine! (Just comment to show your support – nothing serious just a bit of fun)

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