Last Day

Well, today was my last day at Probation… 😀

I made a mistake in 2012, in 2013 I was sent to court and give 12 months probation and today was officially the last time I have to go. On record, my file isn’t closed until the 14th of May, and if i was asked to go in between now and then, I can’t refuse.

But yes, it’s over now. I’m so happy. Probation has given me a lot of help, and although nobody wants to go there, and it wasn’t a nice place to admit to got to, my personal officer has helped me a lot.

I remember our first meeting, my officer said she was worried about facing me because from the statements and such from court, I seemed like such a horrible person and was out to cause harm. However, after meeting with me, she could see the type of person I actually am, that I made a very stupid mistake and that I never meant to cause harm.

At the start of my probation, I was self harming a lot and extremely suicidal. I felt so ashamed and guilty of what I did that I didn’t want to live. My officer helped me through that time.

It’s over now. I still regret what I did, but it’s time to move on. I have paid for my crime, and now it is time to look forward to the future.

Thank you to all my blog readers; your support has been amazing 😀

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