I have no title

Well, this is the last week of me and pikachu. She found herself a job out of town and is movingon Sunday 😦
We tried to do a selfie-a-day for 2 weeks but the last week she’s been busy packing and stuff, so it stopped. But she did edit a picture yesterday of us, so enjoy.

Things haven’t been bad lately, but they haven’t been good either. I’m still not sleeping and last night has been the worst so far. Usually I get 1-2 hours of sleep, falling asleep in the morning just before my alarms go off; yesterday was bad, I fell asleep around 7, my alarms woke me but then I fell asleep again from around 9.30 until mid afternoon. According to my body, that was sufficient enough to last a while because I came to bed around midnight last night, it’s now almost I and I haven’t slept yet! Not even the couple of hours I usually get!
I just feel like crying. I need sleep very much.i feel like lashing out and hitting my pillow, but I haven’t got the energy. I’ve given up trying to sleep today. I’m gonna get out of bed and just chill.

Yesterday, I went gymnastics. Lately my wrist really hurts when I do stuff and after 30-40 mins of handstands and cartwheels ECT I physically can’t do anymore. But yesterday, I did a handstand-bridge for the first time 😀
When my wrist started to ache, I chilled and did some splits stretching. Then, I went on the trampoline for the last 10 mins. I have a fear of trampolining. Jumping so high scares me because I’m terrified of heights but I went on it. I was having quite a lot of fun until I almost fell off. I saw the floor coming towards me and my life flashed before my eyes. Luckily, I managed to move my body a little so just landed on the trampoline in a funny way. I’m okay, no injuries, but I will most definitely not be facing my fears again anytime soon!

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Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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