Free Comic Book Day

I’ve just found out that my local comic book store is participating in Free Comic Book Day!!

I am just a little bit, excited! Seriously, I’m not working at the moment, I mean I volunteer, but don’t have a paid job and so don’t really go out I spend the little money I do have on comic books. So, for there to be a Free Comic Book Day happening, and the fact my local store is participating, I am happy!

I just hope to God, they’re not cheap, horrible comics that nobody wants. As longs as there is Marvel and or anything with Batman in, I’m good.

Free Comic Book Day is the 3rd of May guys, so find out if your local store is joining in.

Also, can I request, if anyone’s store is giving away Batman comics featuring Harley Quinn, could you possibly pick me one up just in case mine doesn’t. And I could arrange postage and such things. I am a massive Harley Quinn fan and one day, she will be beside me called me ‘Puddin’

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