Selfie a day – day 8

Eugh! This selfie is the aftermath from last nights drinking. The drinking was because next week, Pikachu is leaving our town for a job about an hour away 😦

Last night, I consumed a lot of alcohol. From Archers to Vodka, to Wine and Whisky, a couple of jägerbombs and also a shandy. It’s safe to say, I am suffering a lot today!

I am very lucky and very rarely get hangovers; I am sensible and usually have water or orange juice at the end of a night of drinking. Last night, a glass of water did nothing to help today and I have the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced, not to mention feeling stupidly sick!

I had my Sunday lunch, tried a little of everything on my plate but the only thing I could stomach was the roast potatoes. Everything else made me feel sick.

A couple hours later, I was hungry and had some Easter Egg. That has made me feel 1000 times sicker 😦

I’ve just had a bath, and feeling sorry for myself in bed.

Happy Easter folks xxx

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