Grrrrr! Annoyed Much!

I haven’t had a rant on here for a long time but it seems about time that I did!

I am sick of being a woman and having lifes stupid complications called ‘Periods’!

Yup ladies, that time of the month. It’s a nuisance!
This post may be a little TMI but.. Sharing is caring 😉

I am usually very regular. I usually have my period on or around the 5th of each month and I must gloat a little and say I don’t really suffer. The first day, I feel sick and get cramps, and throughout my time being on, I have no appetite but crave crisps. After the first day, the pain and sickness goes away and the period is usually very light, and lasts 3-4 days. I’m very lucky with my periods.

However, this month, I’ve still not had my period. Since around the 5th April, I’ve had days where I am cramping, feeling sick and had no appetite and I get thinking “I’m gonna come on”. But nope… Still no period. I’m getting all the symptoms of me coming on, and have done, on and off, for the last couple of weeks. Nothing.

The only thing I’ve not had, is a hard stomach. When I’m on/due on, my tummy become rock hard, like I work out; that’s not happened yet. I still have my jelly belly.

There has been occasions where I’ve missed a month, but those time I haven’t experienced the cramps of nausea or anything I usually get. I just come on the next month with a heavy and painful period and then it’s back to normal.

So, Mother Nature; either give me my period or quit with the cramps and nausea!

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