Jonny Depp

I am a massive fan of Jonny Depp; I mean who isn’t right? I don’t care that he is 50 something and I’m 22, if he wanted me in his bed, I wouldn’t say no 😉

However, I recently found out Depp suffers from Social Anxiety. He gets anxious giving interviews and even has a therapist with him on movie sets.

This really shocked me. You just wouldn’t imagine that someone as huge as Jonny Depp would suffer in this way. It just goes to show that anyone can suffer with any kind of mental health.

I have slight anxiety when I’m out and about. I was in town yesterday, very wary of everyone. I have days where I can go through town and I’m not too fussed, but usually that is only if I’m with someone. A lot of the time where I’m alone, I get massive heart palpitations and can find myself having to sit down because i get a little dizzy. I though myself to be ridiculous, but knowing that even Jonny Depp gets anxious in front of people, makes me feel a little normal.
Also, it just means me and Jonny have something in common. So Depp, if you’re reading this, you and I are compatible 😛

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Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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