Butterfly Project

Hello guys! 

I’m writing a book about mental health. It’s a fictional book for people, that has self-help ideas in there. You are following a girls journey through therapy, and the idea is that you can take away tips and techniques her therapist gives her to help her cope.

The first issues she deals with, is something I have dealt with myself – Self Harm. I have struggled with this since I was about 13/14 years old. This time around, I came across the Butterfly Project online, and it helped me a lot. 

I came up with the idea that, in my book, I post real pictures of people’s Butterflies, so that the reader gets a real understanding of what to do, from the pictures. 

So, I’m asking ya’ll to send me your Butterfly Project butterflies which I can put in my book. I will put your name by the picture if you wish, or put them in anonymously – whichever you want me to do. When you send me a picture, I will send you a little disclaimer for you to read, and accept me using your pictures.

The email address to send your pics to is butterflyproject14@gmail.com

If you are sending pictures, can you add your name and city or ANON so that I know.


Thank you in advance for any help


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