Neocubes should be on the NHS

Seriously Neocubes are amazing!

I have Trichotillomania, and before receiving my Neocube, I could pluck out over 30 strands of hair, eyebrows or eyelashes a day. It was a really bad habit.

In the past week, I think I’ve only plucked about 10 strands. Maybe less.

I can tell my hairs growing back because it’s all itchy in the sections where I used to pluck a lot from.

The only problem with Neocubes, they’re a little pricey. Not to expensive, but if you’re not working, and/or have to budget your cash, well it may seem a little extravagant. But, it is well worth the investment.

I honestly think they should be available on prescription. They could help with all sorts of ‘bad habits’.

I know I’ve mentioned Neocubes a lot lately, but they are friggin amazing!

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