Don’t you just love drinking games!

Well, this weekend has been fun!
Me and my friend have house-sitted for my grandparents.

Friday night was chilled because my friend was out babysitting and tonight we had a girly drinking night with my sister.

We bought a lot of ‘new’ stuff. (Stuff we’ve never had and I must say I’m feeling a little drunk. We also came up with a ‘copy-cat’ shot game. You have tto copy what the person did before you, then add something else for the next person. If you lose, you fill up a shot glass and when a person reaches 6 shots, all 3 down whatever amour of shots you have accumulated. It’s friggin amazing!

And I know drinking is a depressant, and I shouldn’t drink with my medication but this is the best I’ve felt in a long time!!!

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