On Wednesday, when I had my counselling/therapy session, I mentioned something that has become a bad habit.

When I’m anxious, stressed or just simply bored, I will sit and grab a clump of hair. From this clump, I will sift through and find a single strand, then pull that strand out. In a day, I can pull out 20-30 strands of hair, more if I’m really anxious. And then, the hair grows back, and it’s short and irritating so I pull it out again. It’s a never ending circle.

So, on Wednesday, I happened to mention it to see if Rob or Steph could help. I had no idea that it actually had a name, Trichotillomania.

Rob told me he had a client who did the same thing and that the only thing that stopped him was a Neocube. He showed me a YouTube video, and if you’ve never heard of one, the best thing is to watch a video; the only way I can describe it is a bunch of magnetic balls that you just play with. It keeps your hands busy.

The idea is, whenever I get the urge to pull out my hair, I play with the Neocube. Eventually it will change the message in my brain from “pull hair” to “play with cube”. I ordered one, I hope it arrives soon because I need to rescue my hair!

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