Looking up

Yesterday was such a great day!

I had a job interview and was told, if I could find a way to get there by 7:30am, I could have a taster day. Once I had the taster day, we would see if I fit in for the job and if I liked it, then I would start.

Once I got back, I rung my advisor at a company called ShawTrust, (They help people who are unemployed, and provide you with money if you need transport or interview clothes, and put you on training courses). I don’t usually ask for much from my advisor, she looked at my CV, did me a template cover letter, and will send me suitable jobs which I can apply for. But, being desperate, me and B (my advisor), looked at train times and bus times, and found I could get there for 7:30 except on a Sunday which I could get a taxi. So we rung the interviewer up, told her it was possible and I have a taster day on Monday. 😀

At around lunch, me and my friend G went into a café and had a drink, then went around town for a little while to waste some time before I had counselling/therapy.

I see 2 people, my counsellor Steph, and her colleague, Rob. I found I was very Open with Steph, but Rob had more practical solutions being a therapist so I saw both at the same time. Yesterday, we had our last session. Rob didn’t want to completely close my file because I mentioned the family argument that caused me to Overdose. I didn’t expect his reaction, Steph was very laid back at that sort of thing, did a risk assessment and that was it. But Rob didn’t want to close my file 100%. So, he’s filled in a form, and if in the next 3 months, something similar happens, I ring up and he will refer me to stay in a non-clinical safe house thing. He explained it as a B&B without having to pay. And it does look like just an ordinary house where you can get away for a few days. Thing is I dont need it right now, and you can’t self-refer unless you have been referred once already. So this is why we have the 3 months of keeping my file open, them having my details so I can ring up, say I need to get away, and they will refer me there and then. All good!!

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