Planning the week

Hello guys! Hope you’re well. Just thought I would keep you updated on life.

Last week and weekend I was feeling low, things seemed to just go downhill and so I turned to my Recovery Plan.
A couple of nights just picking out an activity such as drawing, listening to loud music ECT wasn’t working. It’d work for the duration of the activity, but then I’d be back to feeling low. So I turned to the next action plan.

The next action plan was to plan to do an hours activity each day. So, I planned it and to set in in stone, wrote it in my diary. This week, I was also luckily busy being on a course all week from 10am – 3pm, so that kept me busy, and actually has built my confidence a little (I had to present something in front of the group at least once a day!). So I planned to do something when I had finished.

Monday – I had Doctors appointment, but went to my 2nd family after, and spent a few hours there.
Tuesday – I went round my nans for stew (she makes the best stew). It wasn’t planned but I couldn’t do the original plan of going to the library as it closes early on Tuesdays, apparently.
Wednesday – I went town with my sister. I actually had a bad afternoon at the course. We had done a lot of speaking in the group, and the voices popped up, repeating everything my English teacher said to me at school. The course tutor picked up something wasn’t right, spoke to me at the end and that made me a little more anxious ECT. So shopping with my sister before going home was actually a nice plan.
Thursday – I woke up so anxious and felt sick, but once I was at the course I felt okay. My hours plan was gymnastics, which I do weekly anyway.
Friday – watch a movie with my friend, which we did and it was quite a relaxing night.

Planning the week has helped. I’m not sure why, but it gave my days purpose. Next week, I’m back at work where I volunteer, the hours are shorter than the course so I think that I’m going to plan again, even though I’m feeling better than I was last week. I just want to make sure I’m not going back down.

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