Enjoying myself

Hey there Bloggers!

Well, although I have moments where I’m feeling down, low and still get times where I am suicidal, and these aren’t just an hour or day long, they can last a few days – a week.

But despite that, I am feeling so much better most of the time. I work voluntary, which gives me a sense of purpose and just before Christmas, I restarted gymnastics. When I first started back up, I couldn’t do a thing. I was really inflexible, and couldn’t even do a handstand. It had been about 8/9 months since doing anything and i had to retrain my body and muscles to stretch.

Today, a friend came with me and took a few pics. I look really fat in them and need to lose weight. (My medications puts on weight, and I’ve not exactly helped myself by watching what i eat lately). Despite the fatness, you can tell I’m enjoying myself. I’m actually really happy in the photos and videos. My life is becoming fun again. And I just want to share a couple photos.

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