I deserve to be depressed

Do you know when people talk about Karma, do you believe in it?

I never really do. However, today has been my lowest in a while. I thought things were looking up, but this evening things have dropped massively. The last few nights, I’ve been at the base of arguments in my house. It seems that whenever I am sat with them all, downstairs, I am yelled at for where I sit, wherever that seat may be. I might as well just sit on the floor!

Then tonight, after my dad moaned at me and I decided to come upstairs to watch Wolverine. My sister then moaned and yelled at me for turning on the bedroom light, then stormed off downstairs. I felt low again.

Then  I got thinking about why I depressed. This depression formed  from my own stupid mistake. It’s my fault I’m depressed, like karma’s own punishment. But have I not been punished already? I got sent to court, got fined, got probation, lost my job/career and friends, C is writing a book about me – which is gonna cause a lot of pain for me – people are gonna be horrible to me; they already have.



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