The last few days I’ve had many thoughts. I’ve been told about the nastiness of an ex-friend and despite the nastiness, I miss our friendship. There was no arguments, she just said we grew apart, but is that reason to delete us (not just me, my family too) out of her life and never speak again. Grace knew all about the charges and I wonder if that’s the actual reason why.
Since losing my friend Coral, it’s dawned on me how precious friends are; we should stop speaking for silly reasons, we should always have contact no matter what. If coral and I stopped speaking simply because she moved away, I would be devastated.

So now, I shall only care for those who care for me.

I’ve also been thinking about telling Facebook friends what happened. I’m scared that someone will read the book and find it out that way. But it won’t happen.. The book is about me, not them. They don’t need to be told anything, and if they by chance read it then they can ask questions.

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