Christmas Eve with a bang

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family goes to the local bar for family drinks. No matter if anything has happened, nothing is usually brought up, and it’s a fun time.

This year, I was nervous. I was kind of nervous in case my mum got drunk and ‘mouthy’, although on Xmas eve she usually gets drunk (as with any other day), but doesn’t become mouthy. But there was still the “What if” question. But really, her mouthyness stays at home, and not usually in public.

Second reason that I was nervous was because it was our local. Many people there would at least recognise my parents, and thus realising who I was. After the first court date although I had not yet been convicted, the crime which I was charged for got put in the paper, and many people had already questioned it. Although this was back in February, I was still nervous in case anyone knew and questioned it.

Most of the night went well. Nothing to do with me got brought up, and I got quite merry. BUT within half hour of being there, one man went up to another and started to randomly hit him. (at the bar, this same guy was telling my dad he had a life-long ban from the social club we were in. So he shouldn’t have even been there). Family and/or friends of the managers of the bar then started fighting, drinks were thrown,, it was chaos. I got into panic. One big fear of mine since the court, is violence. I remembered my breathing techniques and also tried singing a song in my head. Then someone yelled at the violent guy “His kids are in there” (the disco room). I went in and the girl was crying that her dad was being beat up. My fears went out the window and me and my sister sat with her for a bit. When it calmed down she sat with us still whilst things were going on, and police interviews. The girl calmed down a bit when she saw my auntie, who’s son is their uncle which I was unaware of. Though, she got upset when her dad re-entered full of blood.
Even after things had calmed, I was still shaken. But, I’m proud that I got through it.

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