I hate nasty people

I hate when people are horrible to others for no reason! I know there will be some people out there saying “Pot kettle black” (or whatever the saying is). I was mean to C on purpose, it never occurred to me that I was being horrible. But forget that. What I just saw on Facebook has angered me, and so I’m gonna rant.

A friend (N) on my Facebook had a picture of her and her dog on there. Someone commented a harmless, witty comment – “Get him a Scooby Snack”.
N then commented back saying “stop commenting pathetic things on my Facebook”. Then N and another girl who I don’t know started talking about this guy. N was saying she didn’t know who he was, and that he was always commenting stupid stuff. The other girl joked she had an admirer. It’s horrible, I can only imagine how that guy must be feeling, I was bullied as a kid and so make an effort to not purposely hurt anyone.

Rightly or wrongly, I commented that if she didn’t know him to delete him, or not to add him in the first place. I just thought that this guy needed someone to stick up for him, and quite honestly don’t like nasty people and hope that these two girls will think twice about talking about/to people in that kind of way.

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