“I just want to be happy”

These words are said so often, by so many different people. They are said for many different reasons.

“I just want to be happy”

And following this one sentence comes different replies.

“Well just cheer up”, “you have nothing to be sad about”, “do something to make you happy”.

But it’s not that simple. You can do things each day, to get you through the day, to improve your mood, but you can still be unhappy. I have a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, which includes a Daily Maintenance Plan – a list o f things to follow daily for me to feel okay. I follow this as best as I can, I also follow the action plans when something triggers a low mood. I try and try so hard to make myself happy. But deep down, all I am doing is covering up my pain and hurt. I’m doing things that make me happy, but underneath it all I’m still so sad. I am still all alone, I still crave a mum, still crave to be loved. Baking, talking to friends, drawing they’re all good things, they help lift my mood or distract me from wanting to harm myself, but they dont give me a mum.

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