I want C

I want C. I want to speak to her. She is most honestly the only true friend I’ve ever had. And not only was she a friend, she was like a mum to me. Tonight, during the argument with my ‘mum’ I said I’d be better off dead, my ‘mum’ agreed.

And now, despite everything, I’m sat alone again, in tears and all i want is to ring C. Tell C I’m feeling low. She’d tell me it was okay to cry, and I’d cry. It felt normal, like the right thing to do. Then, she’d tell me to imagine her arms around me, hugging and holding me and i would. And it made me feel better. I want a mum, i want a friend and last year, that was C.

I’m back to how i was before talking to C. I’ve not got anyone, not really. I’m all alone.

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