A road to the right path

So today I had an interview for a receptionist/admin voluntary role. I didn’t know much about it, but when I got there, the role couldn’t have seemed more perfect for me. The organization is a drama group. They work with mental health and other things in the community which help build peoples confidence. There is also some arts and crafts involved – which many people tell me I need to get into. It’s great. I got the role and I can’t wait. I can’t do child care anymore and many people have said I would make a great counsellor, but I decided I’d have to wait a few years until I’m on top of everything myself, before helping others as a profession. So in the meantime, I was looking at doing admin/reception work. However, I haven’t had any luck in the job hunt, and this will be a great thing to add onto my CV. The bonus is that, with the organization doing Drama Therapy and working with mental health, I can get a little idea of working techniques and different issues.

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