More nail art

Icicle nails, for the winter. Other than the fact my nails are short, and I get most of the varnish on my fingertips than the actual nail, I’m getting pretty good at this.

I find painting nails so nice and relaxing (unless I continuously go wrong..). I can sit for hours and paint nails.

Today, I painted Xmas designs on my sisters nails which looked awesome, and then painted icicles on mine.

I think my mum thinks I’m much better than I am at it though. For Xmas, she’s got me acrylic nail stuff, there’s a leaflet and all but damn, ive not seen anyone other than professionals do it :-S we’ll soon find out.

Also today, I baked the world’s most chocolatey cake, and made some cornflake cakes; as well as shopping with a friend, G, who I met at the group earlier this year. Last night, I was on the brink of giving up, didn’t take my antidepressant and was laying awake in tears at 6am. I woke up late, and poor G waited an hour for me, bless him. But I had a great time and cheered up a hell of a lot.

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