Throughout the Emotional Wellbeing group I was on a few months ago, and the Sleep and Relaxation group, A term that popped up quite a lot was MINDFULNESS. I’ve never properly researched it. All that was explained to us was imagine that you are looking out of your window into the garden; a list of chores come into mind – it needs cleaning up, mowing, new plants need planting, things like that. It creates stress in your mind, and then anxiety and depression will most likely get worse. But, imagine then that as you’re looking out at your garden, seeing the dreaded chores, a child comes running in from the garden and says “Can you see the spider web frosted over? It’s pretty”. That spider web is probably between two knocked over plant pots that you saw as a mess. To that child, it’s a home for insects for the winter.

Apparently, that is mindfulness. Instead of washing the dishes and thinking it tedious, feel the bubbles, smell the liquid; experience how it feels. I do it in the bath. There are 5 of us living here, and 1 bathroom. Sometimes, it’s a rush to have a shower or bath. So when i’m in there, I feel the bubbles, smell the shampoo and bodywash. I experience the moment – whether it’s a quick 10mins or a long, unrushed 30 mins, I still manage to relax, no matter how the day has been.

Today, I went onto my new favourite, helpful site – Elefriends. Someone had posted a question asking if anyone had tried it. I let her know my experiences, and decided to research it more. I found the following link:



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