Missing Coral

I’m really missing Coral tonight. Everything seems to remind me of her.
I watched Harry Potter, and I remembered this massive cardboard cut out she had won with Harry, Ron and Hermione on.
Then I watched X Factor, and they had a part where all the funny contestants throughout the year performed. I love Rylan Clark, and he did a bit of Spice Girls. As kids, we would make a stage out of childrens plastic chairs and dance to Spice Girls. I was reminded of Coral a lot, but then my mum upset me.
My mum was really insensitive tonight. She said something, and it’s really upset me. She said “you get all into Xmas, then you remember you’ve got to go to the bastard funeral on Monday”
Why would you say that? Its like she couldn’t really care less about the funeral. And the other day she mentioned that she had to miss her works Xmas do to go to the funeral. And tonight as well, it seemed like she was point scoring. She said “I’ve known Coral since a baby, you’ve only known her since we moved into the street” (we moved here when I was about 1 years old). I just think it’s stupid that she can say such things. To me, she may have known Coral since a baby, but she’s been my friend, not my mums (if that makes sense). My mum knew her, but I properly knew her, knew her favourite things, knew more of her personality, shared memories together. To my mum, Coral was just her daughters friend.

I’m probably sounding really ridiculous, but it has actually really upset me

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