I had the most amazing dream last night. For once, it wasn’t people hating and chasing me.

Me and my family were walking around an old English town looking into shops. It was nice, there wasn’t really many arguments. It was nice and sunny and beautiful. The downside was that it was hot and I had to wear a jacket to cover my cuts and scars, I tried to take it off but got too paranoid – something I know from real experience. I wanted to cool down, so as everyone sat at an outdoor cafĂ© for lunch, I went to some toilets. In the toilets, I couldn’t believe my eyes to see Chris Hemsworth in there. He looked at me, and I looked at him and our eyes met. It was love at first site! (I know right.. Amazing dream!).
I was then back shopping with my parents. We walked into a shop that sold giant, initial money boxes. The one that caught my I was a letter C. The money boxes could hold 1000 pound coins if filled. I thought about Coral. I decided to buy the money box and do a fundraiser for Great Ormand Street Hospital, where Coral had a transplant a few years ago. (This has inspired me to do something myself now, for real).
We left the shop, and I walked into Chris again. We were walking hand in hand. He stopped walked behind me, and when he came back around, he had a baby. He said this was our baby, put him in a pram and we continued walking. I then woke up.

Now I’m feeling really low. Because of what I did, I’m not allowed to work with kids. Does this effect me having my own kids one day? I’m gonna be heartbroken if I can’t. I think it’s something I’m gonna have to find out though.

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