Mental Health Budget Cuts

I’ve just seen on the need that the budgets for Mental Health is UK has been cut.

I’m actually really shocked. I already felt that more needed to be done before, and now I’m speechless.

I know for a fact that it’s not only me that feels pushed from pillar to post with the mental health services in England. Being told that you’re gonna be referred to someone else, then referred again. I’ve personally felt I’ve not been listened to/ taken seriously; and I know friends have experienced the same.

Nobody wants to deal with people. They have a budget, and as soon as someone walks through that door, threatening to push them over budget, they suddenly need to see someone different, or told that what they are experiencing isn’t worrying.

I got referred to a psychologist. I told him that I was having suicidal thoughts 80% of the time, that I had 3 voices in ny head that were planning my next suicide attempt. I showed him the cuts and scars on my arms. Told him that I felt depressed – that I was getting extremely low and that one minute I could be fine, the next I’m in tears. Yet he said he didn’t think I was depressed in the medical term, that I showed depressive symptoms, but he wouldn’t categorize me as depressed. He didn’t seem to even care about the voices, just saying that people with depression can experience that (Which is strange considering I’m “not depressed”).

Now it all makes sense. There is a budget, I was too much hassle for him to push the budget, so he discharged me.

David Cameron might as well push all of us “nutters” in front of a train himself… It will be a lot quicker, easier and cheaper than passing us from doctor to doctor!

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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Budget Cuts

  1. I agree 100%. I also think if it was David Cameron with depression he would be treated immediately without question. It’s lack of understanding, lack of being bothered, and lack of funds that have made this happen.

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