I read something that I absolutely loved:

“I’m probably the coolest nerd you’ll ever meet”

I loved it because I am probably a little bit of a nerd, or at least in society’s eyes I am.

I love superhero films, the comic book heros. I’m a massive Marvel fan – Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawk Eye… The lot. I also love Batman and the Xmen and Wolverine. People just don’t expect it. I shock them by liking that stuff, then shock them again when I tell them that I don’t like The Lord of the Rings, or The Hobbit things.

The other day, I got myself a Batman logo T-shirt and my Dad said “Since when do girls like Batman?!” How sexist can he get?! And sometime last week, I got excited at getting a Batman ringtone, and he laughed and called me weird.

So, I guess I’m weird.

Nobody in my house is into superhero stuff. My brother likes Batman, but that’s about it. So another thing that separates me and them. I’m weird, they’re normal.

Oh, and I can’t wait until Xmas! I have got the xmen films on DVD and The Wolverine! YAY!! Except, when asking for them, I didn’t quite think about when I’d get chance to watch them since nobody else likes them… -_-

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