“Your appointment has been cancelled”

Over 2 weeks ago, my appointment at counselling with Steph and Rob got counselled because Rob was sick. For some reason Steph couldn’t see me on her own. That appointment got rebooked for today.

This morning, I had a missed call as I was getting ready, and so I listened to the voicemail. “I’m sorry, your appointment has be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances,” yet again I have been cancelled.

I rung them back to arrange another appointment, stating that I really need to see them soon. I’m on the verge of completely giving up and I’m not coping well at all. The earliest he could get both together was 23rd December. I said it wasn’t good enough. Rob is apparently fully booked until then. Why should it be me, all the time that has to wait? Get cancelled? Steph has double-booked me before, and it’s been me that’s had to go home. I’m fed up of it. Why should I try help myself if none of them can be bothered?! I wanted to go in today, tell them of the few hiccups I’ve had but also that the welfare plan is working. I need to bring up a few things that I don’t understand in my plan. So, for our last 2 sessions I planned that I could ask what questions I can to understand it more and give feedback on the last session.

But what’s the fucking point anymore?
I came back to bed and I’ve not moved yet. What is the use in trying to get better?!

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