‘Tis the season to be jolly

Well, it’s December now! And I’m usually very excited about Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas song, opening a door on my advent calendar each morning. I’m usually a festive person, up until Xmas day. (Xmas day, my mum is so moody – moaning about the mess ECT and the rest of us aren’t too bothered because it’s Xmas!)

Last Saturday, our town had the Christmas parade and light switch on. It put me in a christmassy mood, and I had planned to buy gifts this week.

This morning, I went onto Facebook and it seems most people are decorating their houses and are all festive. Even I would be begging my parents to put them up because it’s December. But I’m not in the mood.

Usually, some time between now and 20th December, Coral and her Mum would send a card and we would send a card. This year, we will be sending a different card, sending flowers, and visiting them, all for such a different reason.
My Mum said she’s going to ring Coral’s mum today, to see how she is, find out funeral dates. We plan on going, despite the distance.

I have probation tomorrow, I’m dreading the whole “How are you?” question. I can’t say I’m ok when I’m obviously not. I’ve not slept since Thursday. My antidepressants have a small sedative in them that usually help me sleep, but even that’s not working.

There’s so much more I could write on here, but it’s already quite depressing.

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