A Rant

Well apparently, I’m lying about my friend dying.

Ok, I understand why people may think that; my contact with C was based on a lie, and I highly regret that and am sorry for that.

But to be told that I’m lying about my friend dying, and someone is going around telling people not to believe me, well that hurts. And I’m sure if Coral’s Mum knew, she would be upset too. I’ve known Coral since before I can remember and although my Grandparents died years ago, I wasn’t close to them (a big family issue – we don’t get on with my dad’s side of the family). Coral has been my beat friend for years, even when she moved and made new friends, we classed each other as best friends.

Today, My Mum rung her Mum to see how she was doing and I found out a lot which moved me. Tracy (Coral’s Mum), rung me first, she wanted me and my sister to know before it was announced over Facebook, Coral wanted us to be the first to know (after family of course). Also, Coral had known since September she wasn’t going to live long. I spoke to her a lot, and in October she had told me she was really ill, but didn’t want to tell us she didn’t have long left.

Me and my family are organising the trip down to where they live for the funeral, we will find out tomorrow the details, all we know is she asked her Mum to be buried not cremated, and she wanted a party. So a party she has.

Me and my sister went to a different high school to everyone we grew up with. But the news over Coral has brought us together again. I think it will only be us going to funeral because of the distance, but me and another girl are getting a card sorted and organising to get as many old schoolfriends as possible to meet here for a drink to Coral, give her a Staffordshire Party.

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3 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. I find it revolting that people are going as far as to tell you you are lying about someone you so truly care about dying. More compassion, less judgement needed. Keep going sweetie. x

    • I wish more people were like you. I think I am being judged too harshly for my mistakes, but I know it is the truth, and so does everybody else who knew her.

      Thank you for being a true friend

      • The majority of people are taught to judge and not analyse. Situations like the one you are caught in are far more complex than most care to think. I think the people you should rely on are those that are here in the present moment, offering their help. xx You are so welcome, you are a true friend to me as well.

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