RIP to the bestest friend I could ask for

This is me and my best friend, Coral. I can’t remember when or how I exactly met Coral but we went nursery together. I must have known her since 1/2 years old. I just remember always knowing her.

She was born very poorly and had several operations at birth. Doctors said she wouldn’t make it to 5 years old.

Well she lived, and lived and a couple years ago had a heart transplant. By this time she had moved out of my home town, 4-5 hours drive away. However, we still met occasionally and spoke a lot.

Last few times of arranging to meet, she was ill. So the last I saw of her was my 20th Birthday, Jan 2012.

Her Mum just rung me, she told me it wasn’t good news, that Coral had died this morning. I ran down and told my Mum. We grew up 2 doors down from each other. We were practically sisters.

It hurt when she moved away. But it hurts so much more now that I know she isn’t coming back, it hurts so much more.

What can I say, she lived till 21 and partied still, to her abilities. She was always strong, and didn’t let anything stop her doing things. So I’m gonna do that now. Love through her, no matter what comes my way.

R.I.P Coral

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