Scarred Girl Intro

This is the introduction to the book I am writing. I am currently writing a book, as some of you may know, and I’ve written the intro, chapter 1 and part of chapter 2. This is just a little sneak peak at what I am writing. Let me know your honest thoughts..x


Scarred Girl


Jade Wood




It’s dark.


Where am I?


I don’t seem to be able to see.


Have I gone blind?


I can hear voices. Who are they? I listen carefully. Two voices sound familiar, the other one is strange. Who is this man? Why is he talking about me, about by well being? And who is he talking to?


“Jennifer, can you hear me?”


“Y- Y” I can’t speak. I can hear you, please tell me where I am. Please tell me everything is going to be okay.


“SHH baby girl. It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. It’s your Mum here, Dad is here too. You are in hospital, you are safe and you need to rest. Just rest, everything is going to be okay”


Hospital! Why am I in hospital?


I trail through my thoughts, trying to remember things. I remember small things; they’re insignificant – my dog barking, rain tapping at my window. It’s nice that I remember something, but they aren’t really helpful. They don’t explain why I am in hospital. I remember drinking something alcoholic, but I don’t remember what is was.


Was my drink spiked? Did I drink too much alcohol?


After several moments of remembering small things, I suddenly remembered that night.


I did drink too much alcohol, along with taking too many pills, along with slicing my wrists far too deep.


I tried to take my own life. But why?




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