Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

When I got told I had 4 more sessions left at counselling, I honestly freaked out. I didn’t think I’d be able to cope on my own. It is still scary, but these 4 sessions with Steph and Rob, we are working on a Wellness Recovery Plan. It’s like a file of notes to help bring you out of a depression. Say you are okay, then something happens that brings you down, You turn to your WRAP file, and look up the action plan of things to do to bring you out of it. If that doesn’t work, and you sink lower, there’s another page of actions to take; and if that fails you have another page of things to do. It is supposed to bring you out of the depression a lot quicker than you usually would. I’m still scared incase it doesn’t work but I’ve gotta give it a try, and if it doesn’t work after counselling has finished (after giving it a go for a few months), I can go and see the Doctor and be re-referred.

As part of the WRAP, you create a DAILY MAINTENANCE PLAN. This is a list of things that you make sure you do each day. By making sure you do these things, your mood should boost a little. They’re normal everyday things really, but in depression, these normal everyday things seem hard to do. My list is:

• Wake up and get out of bed at a reasonable time (Mine is that unless I have to be up earlier, my alarm is set for 10am)

• Have 3 healthy meals a day

• Speak to a friend

• Spend 30 minutes doing something I enjoy

• Take my medication

• Do my bedtime routine

So, if I am feeling down, the first question I will ask myself is “Am I following my daily maintenance plan?” And if not, then I’ll get to doing it, if I am, then I follow my action plans.

It’s a great thing, and I have looked at it and started in this last week, and so far, my following it, my mood has been a little better, and my sleep has been better. However, with my sleep, my antidepressants help me sleep, but they started to not work. Also, I keep having nightmares. Each nightmare has a different storyline, but each end up with my being hated and chased by people. Something I think I need to bring up with Steph and Rob.

So, this is basically what is helping me at the moment, and will hopefully continue to help me when my sessions are over. I’ll keep you updated on that progress…. 



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